One Free Minute


> The Center for Tactical Magic has brilliant and tasty answer for days when activism gets hot, both literally and metaphorically: the Tactical Ice Cream Unit, or TIU for short.
> TxtMob is a terrific cellphone messaging system for radicals who want to stick together.
> Critical Art Ensemble: simply superior grade radical theory and interventions.
> The Institute for Applied Autonomy has done some terrific work with autonomous vehicles for radical purposes, and they have a sense of humour about it too. Yes that is the correct way to spell humour.
> Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping. The rev likes to poke holes in the continuous fabric of consumer culture.
> The Yes Men turn corporate structures on their heads, and give them a few spins.
>We're inspired by this work, especially the mobile sculpture. We had to put this in here somewhere.


>The CAE Defense Fund: read about how the perception of technology post-911 led to the arrest and prosecution of some of the best artists around. Make a donation.
> Don Mitchell has written much on how public speech in the US is being gradually moved to 'comfort' zones. He won't have to write about us-- over 20% of our listeners are slightly uncomfortable.
> Check out the Canadian legislation on hate speech.
> Further south, some basic but interesting readings on speech in the US.
> DeBalie in Amsterdam has a great FAQ on what constitues 'new' public space: Public 2.0 Along similar lines, see also the People's Communication Charter.
> Finally, One Free Minute's favourite reading is Hakim Bey's The Temporary Autonomous Zone (TAZ). Thanks Hakim.