One Free Minute

Q: Is this really anonymous? A: We try hard to make it anonymous. We discard all caller ID information within 24 hours. We value the fact that some of you put your emotional guts on the line here; we try our best not to violate that trust. For improved anonymity, use a disposable cell phone. From home, suppress that pesky caller ID-- look in your phone book for instructions.

Q: What happens to my answering machine call? A: All calls become part of an archive, to be randomly selected for playback by the computer inside OFM during future performances. Every call, live or messaged, gets played back at least once in public, and then it's archived. Some go on the web too.

Q: Do you edit the calls? A: For technical reasons, we don't edit live calls. The computer inside the piece cuts them off at precisely one minute. For answering machine messages longer than a minute, we cut them to a minute. Otherwise, we play them back as we receive them. Use your watch when you call.

Q: What about hate speech, threats, slander, racism etc? A: Hate speech directed towards individuals or identifiable groups, as well as threats, gets deleted. What good do threats, slander and hate speech do in the public sphere anyway? Hateful critiques of politicians and the like are OK- they're used to that. Most speech is OK as long as you don't attack individuals or use 'fighting words', which are generally considered to be an incitement to civil unrest. OFM has zero interest in breaking the law, so we follow local ordinances, laws and statutes regarding hate speech, slander, noise and the like. Having said that, have you heard some of the things people say? You would have to say something very very nasty to get deleted. OFM isn't meant to create civil unrest, but rather to inspire socially beneficial speech.

Q: Who's behind this? Who's 'we'? A: One Free Minute is meant to be as transparent a conduit as possible for your speech, so just forget about us and get on with your speech! We're interested in how you use this art, not what name is attached to it. This is where we thank The Ohio State University College of the Arts for their financial and moral support, and Greg Holsten for his help with the video.